News and Tips


  1. Our New Premium Tuxedo Rentals
    28 Mar, 2018
    Our New Premium Tuxedo Rentals
    Announcing our new premium tuxedo rentals our new premium rental tuxedos by London Fog. Pricing for this exciting offer starts at just $199 with your wedding party discount. Act quickly as you need to book at least 6 weeks in advance of your event! See our selection HERE
  2. Do the playoffs in style at Mallabar! GO JETS GO!
    05 Apr, 2018
    Do the playoffs in style at Mallabar! GO JETS GO!
    Dress up in style for the playoffs! We have complete rental outfits starting at only $99 and outfits for purchase starting at $349
  3. London Fog Suits
    28 Mar, 2018
    London Fog Suits
    London Fog now at Mallabar! We are proud to carry the London Fog brand in our store for our clients. This brand has a long history of quality and style that makes it perfect for the modern man. When you shop for a London Fog suit to wear to a special occasion, work, or for your next interview, you will feel confident and comfortable. London Fog prides themselves on manufacturing a superfine wool material that compliments the modern, slim silhouette that is the main feature of many of their
  4. Tips for Grooms
    28 Mar, 2018
    Tips for Grooms
    Hey Grooms It's your wedding too! Here are a few handy pointers to help you on your way!